Bø Sommarland Lifjell Telemarkskanalen Fruktbygda
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Lifjell mountain plateau

Bildet er tatt oppe på Lifjell, av en jente som hopper, med Norsjø og Midt-Telemark i bakgrunn

The Lifjell mountain plateau in Telemark has more than 20 summits over 1000 meters above sea level. 

Lifjell is a vast mountain area of about 200 km2, that covers large parts of 4 counties in Telemark (Bø, Hjartdal, Notodden and Seljord). The highland terrain is often referred to as a miniature of Jotunheimen, with it's many summits over 1200 meters above sea level.

The hiking trails vary in lenght and difficulty, and are equally suitable for experienced hikers as for families with children. Maps and route descriptions of the Lifjell area are available in Bø, and most of the hiking trails are well marked with signs.

The view from the summits is magnificent and on clear weather days you are able to see all the way towards the coast of Kragerø, Seljord and Kongsberg. You also see the whole Mid-Telemark region in an astonishing panorama view, with it's elongated orchards and beautiful cultural landscape.

At the plateau you will find numerous lakes that are perfect for trout fishing. You can buy a fishing permit at the sports store Brukås Sport in Bø (located at Bøgata 56), and on the Norwegian webpage inatur.

The best periode for hiking at Lifjell is during summer and autumn, from May/June and towards the end of October. This can vary from one year to another, and depends mainly on how early/late the snow melts in the spring and how early/late the snow starts falling in the fall.

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Please contact the tourist information in Bø for information or help/advice regarding booking of accommodation: turistkontoret@boitelemark.com  // tel. + 47 41 45 22 29.

The best way to access Lifjell is with a car from Bø in Telemark.

Cabins, hotels and camping places.

There are maps available for the the whole hiking area, in addition to smaller maps for single routes.

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