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Fishing in the Telemark Canal, mountain lakes or forest rivers, for salmon, trout, pike or whitefish.

In the Mid-Telemark region you need a fishing licence to fish. The licences are available for sale in various locations, e.g. at Brukås sport store in Bø (address: Bøgata 56, 3800 Bø) and at Telemark Kanalcamping in Lunde (address: Slusevegen 21, 3825 Lunde). Children under the age of 16 can fish without a licence. 

You can read all about rules and restriction that apply for fishing in Norway on the webpage www.inatur.no

Lifjell mountain area has many lakes with good trout-fishing conditions. You can buy fishing licences for Lifjell in a few places, e.g. in Brukås sport store in Bø (address: Bøgata 56, 3800 Bø) and on your way into the area. You need a special fishing licence for Gavlesjå, Vatnar og Reskjemvatnet. 

Bøelva/Bø river
The river runs from lake Seljordsvannet to lake Norsjø. The river has plenty of trout in it, but you might also be able to catch some whitefish. From the waterfall Oterholtfossen and down to Norsjø you can also fish for salmon and seatrout in the period from June 1 to September 30. Pike is also to be found in the lower part of the river. The best fishing places for the Bø river are the areas around the waterfalls Herrefoss and Oterholtfoss (foss means waterfall in Norwegian), as well as by the camping places Sanda Camping and Hegna Camping. 

Other places
Lake Seljordsvannet, lake Norsjø, lake Heddalsvannet, Sauar river and the Telemark Canal are rich on trout, perch, charr, whitefish, pike and tench. In other words: Everyone with an interest in fishing should be able to find something of interest in the Mid-Telemark region. 

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