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Lindheim Fruitfarm and microbrewery , © Helena Hafthorsdottir

Lindheim Fruitfarm and microbrewery , © Helena Hafthorsdottir

Lindheim Ølkompani

Lindheim Ølkompani was ranked as the world's 5th best newcomer in beer brewing in 2014. Buy a growler filled with delicious beer and look out for their monthly pubquiz that takes place in the barn.

According to the consumer website Ratebeer, Ingeborg and Eivin at Lindheim Ølkompani in Telemark have got it right when it comes to beer brewing. The young couple took over Lindheim fruitfarm in 2013, and a few months later they were serving their first brew of delicious beer. The website selected them in 5th place over the world's best newcomer in 2014, out of a total of more than 3800 new breweries that were established worldwide in 2014.

The microbrewery is located in the barn, where they have also set up a bar/pub with a rustic atmosphere. They get their inspiration from Belgian traditions, as well as the westcoast of the US. They also use some of their own fruit in the brews; plums and both sweet and sour cherries to name a few.

On request they will arrange beer tasting for groups in the barn, where you can get a tour of the brewery, followed by tasting of four selected beers. 

Year round you are able to buy both 2-liter growlers and bottles of beer from their store, in addition to both bottles and cartons of non-alcoholic apple juice. From mid-July to mid-October they have a wide selection of fruits (cherries, plums, apples and pears) and vegetables.

Lindheim Fruitfarm and microbrewery , © Helena Hafthorsdottir
The barn at Lindheim Fruitfarm and microbrewery and flowering appletrees , © Live Skinnes
Rich and colorful , © Live Skinnes
Farmers at work , © Live Skinnes
You can also get delicious apple juice at Lindheim , © Live Skinnes
The farmers at Lindheim, Ingeborg and Eivin, and the view from the barn , © Live Skinnes

Tinghaugvegen 101
3810 Gvarv


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E-mail: post@olkompani.no
Phone: 911 45 980
Cellphone: 976 94 476

Opening hours

Wed - Sun ( 08.08 - 15.10 )
12:00 - 18:00 Lindheim Gård


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